What to do if the child is jealous

To prepare the older child for the appearance of the baby in the house should be in advance. If you come to visit friends with young children, take the baby in your arms, play with him. Tell the elder that he will soon have a brother or sister. If you decide to move the older child to another room, then do it in advance, i.e. before the appearance of the baby in the house.
The child should not feel that he was "evicted" due to the fact that the mother now has another baby. When dressing up a newborn, ask a senior to help you: for example, file a diaper, a cap. Show me what a baby has small hands, legs, how shaky it is defenseless, explain that he himself is not able to do anything. It is possible to emphasize the advantages of adulthood of an older person who can eat something that the baby cannot yet do, swing on a swing, watch cartoons. When buying something for a baby, be sure to buy some little thing for an older child.
It is not necessary to forbid the elder to touch the baby, but only in your presence, emphasizing what the baby’s attentive and caring brother (sister) is. Take a walk with your baby, take the older child with you. Ask him to help you carry the stroller, shake it if the baby has begun to cry. Praise the child for saying how good a helper he is and how proud you are of him.
When you put your baby to sleep, let the elder "put" a doll or a soft toy. While the baby is sleeping, read a book with a senior, play a game. The child will know that his mother still loves him.