What to eat in the winter?

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How does a winter diet differ from a summer one? For residents of Russia, this difference is a clear shortage of fresh vegetables and fruits in the daily menu. In winter, we are more concerned with how to raise immunity in the period of colds and flu, how to keep warm in the cold, and, of course, how not to gain extra weight by relaxing under the cover of warm sweaters. Meals in the winter period for us are an abundance of hot dishes on the menu (especially soups), warming drinks with honey and spices, stewed fruit from frozen berries, vitamin salads from the available products. To enhance immunity, various multivitamin complexes will not be superfluous, and not only for adults, but also for children. By the way, children in winter are much more likely than adults to be exposed to the flu and ARVI because of the immaturity of the immune system. Therefore, thinking over the children's diet in the winter, it is necessary to remember about vitaminization of food. On the pages of the online magazine Woman’s Day you will find a lot of useful materials on the topic of nutrition in the winter. These notes will help you to create your menu correctly and preserve your health during the cold season.