What to read for self-development?

If you ask a person what to read for self-development, we will get many different answers. After all, each in its own approach to this issue. Here are some examples of books and periodicals where you can draw thoughts for personal growth.


If you decide to lose some weight by the summer. Or you just do not like your figure. You can read the book by V. Nikolaev "The choice of food - the choice of fate." The author interestingly talks about the diet of a modern person, talks about the experience of diets. Lose weight in a smart way!

A whole cycle of books by A. Carr is dedicated to the eradication of bad habits. "Easy way to quit smoking", "Easy way to lose weight" - this is not all books of the author. The writer presents the reader with an elaborate algorithm for ridding the body of harmful things. This book is for those who want to quickly and without stress change some of the negative moments in their lives.


Psychologists love to engage in personal development. Not every one of us is ready to lie down on a couch or go through a tedious psychological test.You can work on yourself. This section presents a huge number of books. Here are a few of them:

T. Wudgek "Training for the mind." The book will appeal to those who want to learn to think productively and quickly. The author compares the brain with the muscle that needs to be trained. The book contains complexes and exercise cycles, from the most simple to ingenious. “Pumping the brain is easy!”, Says the author.

A. Pease "Body Language". It has long been proven that facial expressions, posture and gestures of a person speak more than words. Allan Pease in his book teaches the reader how to read sign language and poses. Want to be insightful and see through the interlocutor - this is a book for you.

If you do not have time to do half of the planned. Always late for work and meetings. Learning to manage your time is what you need. Tracy Brown "Leave the disgust, eat the frog!" - a book from a leading specialist in time management. It provides tips and techniques for effectively organizing time, setting priorities, improving the quality of work. The book is a world bestseller on this topic.

And the last book in this category - V. Levi "A cure for laziness."If you are not familiar with this author, then this is a great reason to do it. One of the most interesting of his books. The author introduces the reader to what kinds of laziness are, how to deal with each of them. This book will be a great excuse to overcome yourself.


Books P. Coelho. A number of small books will be interesting for those who want to delve into the philosophy of life. The author of parables teaches what is good and what is bad. What is the meaning of life. For those who only discover the world of Coelho, it makes sense to start with the book "The Alchemist." On the example of a complex history of a person’s life, the author makes one think about why we live. By the way, this book is one of the favorite all over the world.

R. Bach "The Seagull named Jonathan Livingston". The author talks about the seagull, which learns the art of flying. Learning life. It is very easy to transfer analogies to real life. The book will be interesting to those who are looking for an answer to the question "Why live?". Bach talks about the importance of every moment in life. For those who want to think, I strongly advise.


For lovers of glossy, smelling paint magazines, too, there is something to read for self-development.Men will find a lot of interesting things for themselves in Men`s Health. Each issue has many articles on how to improve health, learn to communicate with women.

But women will be interested to read Cosmopolitan. In this magazine you can find interesting articles about beauty, family life, career. Everything is set out in an accessible language, a lot of illustrations.

So, my dear reader. There is a lot of interesting things that you can read for self-development. But do not forget that the main thing - the desire.