What to see in Helsinki?

Helsinki - the capital of Finland - a beautiful old city with a large number of attractions. It sprawls on the coast of the Gulf of Finland and is distinguished by an unusual structure: it includes not only Big Helsinki, but eventually the “satellites” attached to it - Vantaa, Kauniainen and Espoo.

The variety of different cultural places is impressive. In one day, it’s impossible to inspect everything. Therefore, the answer to the question of what to see in Helsinki depends directly on the time at which the traveler has.

If it is available for several hours

Let's call this trip an express walk. Its program is worth planning, for example, like this:

  • The train station is a great start if you come to the city by train. This beautiful structure of unique pink granite is decorated with stucco figures of the Atlanteans and is crowned with a massive tower. The design looks especially beautiful in the dark: supported by massive torsos, the burning lanterns look magical.
  • The Athenaeum Museum is located directly opposite the station. Here is a huge collection of various objects of art. Feature of the institution: every Tuesday night entrance is absolutely free.
  • Senate Square in the center of Helsinki. This is the most beautiful architectural ensemble in Europe, erected in the 19th century by architect K.L. Engel. Here is the famous Cathedral, in front of which is a monument to Alexander II, the building of the Senate (State Council), the University and the National Library.
  • Kaivopuisto Park is located in the central part of the city. Here, tourists are attracted by the Ursa Observatory with a viewing platform that opens a truly magnificent view. Of particular interest is the well with the purest drinking water.

If more time is available

You can spend it on visiting one place and stay there for as long as possible, because every landmark of Helsinki is an amazing world of fairy tales, antiquities and identities. One of the most popular places are:

  • The market square is the heart of the city. Despite the prevailing opinion about Finnish slowness, there is always noisy, lively and crowded.You can buy anything you want: from fruits to souvenirs of local crafts.
  • Suomenlinna Island is the largest in the whole island system, one of the most popular holiday destinations both among tourists and locals. The highlight of the program is an ancient fortress, a kind of ancient outpost.
  • The church in the rock is an amazing place with excellent acoustics, the building is really cut down in the rock, and the iconostasis is located against the wall, which was formed as a result of melting of the glacier.

In addition, in Helsinki, you can safely go with children - zoos, amusement parks, water parks - all to the delight of kids! And what is worth only one visit to the "Valley of Mummi-Trolley", which is located 180 km from the city:.

If you are going to the capital of Finland in the cold time and you are interested in what to see in Helsinki in the winter, start by visiting the Ice Park - here is a giant ice rink. In addition, ice hockey competitions are constantly held in the arenas of ice rinks. The city has a large network of cross-country trails, and for those who like to go down the slopes, there are tourist bases where all the necessary equipment is provided.