What to see in Spain?

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What to see in Spain?

Today we will go on a trip to Spain. This beautiful country with a hot sun, a gentle sea and a rich history is literally created for relaxation and entertainment. Hospitable locals are always happy to see tourists and are ready to show unique places and sights in their country. We learn what you can see interesting in Spain.

What to visit in Spain

Park Guell

If you want to get into a real fairy tale in reality, then in Spain there is such a place. This is the famous Park Guell in Barcelona, ​​which is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. This park is an extraordinary garden city, as there areSpainamazingly beautiful vegetation and unusual architecture. The houses that fill it, as if descended from the pages of fairy tales. Between them are laid ornate paths, shaded alleys, there is a square with a central entrance. Each building and sculpture of this town are true works of art, created by the hand of the greatest architect Antonio Gaudi.Once in the Park Guell, as if being transferred to another reality, everything that is in it is different from the usual landscape.

Spanish village

If you want to see all of Spain, but there is no time for this, then you can simply visit the Spanish village in Barcelona. This is an opportunity to touch the story of this.Spainbeautiful country, gathered in one place. 100 unique copies from all over Spain are presented in a reduced and original size. Here there are dwelling houses, cathedrals, as well as palaces and castles of different eras.

In the Spanish village, tourists are waiting for interesting lessons with real national artisans: potters, weavers, glass blowers, artists. They will gladly share their secrets and hold a master class in the presence of guests.

Montjuic Fountain

Can you imagine a harmonious union of water and electricity? Turns out thisSpainIt has long been realized - the Montjuic fountain in Barcelona invites all visitors to the city for an enchanting performance. The play of water jets and the light of thousands of lamps creates a truly spectacular sight. The dance of water and light takes place with musical accompaniment.To see this magical 30-minute show, you need to be at the fountain in the evening.

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Rocks Los Gigantes

Sometimes you want a break from the hustle and bustle and find yourself in a quiet mysterious place. In Spain, this place is the western slope of the Teide volcano, where huge rocksSpainas if falling into the azure waters of the Mediterranean. Views of this area fascinate at first sight, fascinating with its power and grandeur. There is something mystical and mysterious in these rocks, and many people were thrilled and thrilled to find themselves in these places. After admiring the miracle of nature, tourists can spend an unforgettable vacation in the town of Los Gigantes at the foot of the rocks. Here they are waiting for exotic black beaches, landscapes of incredible beauty, silence due to the absence of a large number of tourists, as well as excellent service of cozy hotels and small restaurants.

Drakens Caves

Lovers of exotic holidays should visit the Dragon Caves on the island of Majorca (Spain). This is an amazing journey into the underworld of stalactites and stalagmites.Spainwill give an unforgettable experience for life. The kingdom of these picturesque works of nature stretches for 1.7 km, their fascinating fabulous forms amaze the imagination. The underground lake Martel adds emotions and chamber music performed by musicians sailing through its waters in beautiful boats.

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Other sights of the country

I want to come back to Spain again and again, especially since in one trip it is simply impossible to see all the beauties of this country. Having gathered once again on a trip to Spain, do not forget to visit:

  • Entertaining park Port Aventura in the Costa Dorada;Spain
  • National Door and Art Museum of Catalonia in Barcelona;
  • Mount Tibidabo;
  • The Prado Museum;
  • Royal palace in madrid;
  • Alhambra Palace in Granada;
  • Alcazar fortress in Toledo.

The hospitable land of Spain is rich in other unique places inviting you to travel.