What to wear with leather pants

Features of the combination of leather pants

Today, leather pants are increasingly being chosen by active, bold girls who are light on their feet and who love to be in motion. The material provides the density and high wear resistance of the pants, which makes them indispensable for traveling or walking with children. And, thanks to the spectacular appearance of the pants, even walking with a stroller you can look great.
When making a set with leather pants, remember that they are the main part of the ensemble. You should not choose too bright, “screaming” top, if you do not plan to go to a party in a club. To incorporate leather trousers into a casual look, the complementing elements should be monochromatic and as concise as possible.Combine leather pants with contrasting texture materials. For example, a great choice would be knitwear, cotton, chiffon. Hand-knitted or wool products are also great.
To choose shoes for leather trousers should be based on the planned image.With spectacular pants you can wear ballet flats, brogues, moccasins, boots in men's style. Some ensembles should be combined exclusively with shoes or sandals with high heels, spectacular ankle boots or boots.

Spectacular looks in leather trousers

Some leather pants make it easy for you to play with your imagery. Changing things and accessories will quickly turn you from a modest housewife into a sexy girlfriend or “biker friend”. Pants made of leather fit perfectly into a variety of styles.
For lovers of casual, stylists recommend to combine leather pants with simple tops, knitted cardigans, wool ponchos. Pick the colors of the top concise: brown, gray, burgundy. Accessories that duplicate the color of the top / sweater will help to make the image solid. For example, fit large bracelets, long necklaces, a scarf on his head, etc.
Cool girls with leather trousers should wear eccentric, spectacular things. For example, a leather jacket or a vest made of leather. Under them, choose a white jersey / T-shirt, and from shoes, prefer massive boots. Additional accessories can be a bag with numerous rivets and beautiful long / roundearrings.The image of "biker girlfriend" is very sexy, brutal and effective. Try to make it more feminine. For example, choosing a T-shirt / top with a beautiful print or lace trim.
With leather pants you can create a business look. To do this, choose a discreet shirt and jacket. It is desirable that they should be made in soothing pastel colors: pink, yellow, green, etc. You can also wear a white shirt and a short jacket (gray, black, beige, etc.) as the top.
Today, it is increasingly possible to meet colored leather trousers: blue, burgundy, brown, red, etc. Such bright trousers should be complemented by the calm top of a suitable shade. Mainly, pay attention to sweaters, simple shirts, shirts, jackets. Color trousers support print on a scarf or stitching on the bag.