What can tourists do in the UK?

If you are going to visit the UK, then first plan a trip to this country surprised you and gave the most vivid impressions. Find out what every tourist must see and do.

A bit of history

History is what a tourist planning a trip to the UK needs to know. Settlement of the territory began a long time, mainly in the Celts. In the 43rd year of our era, power seized Rome, which ruled the state 4 centuries. Then there was the invasion of Anglo-Saxons of Germanic origin, in the eleventh century the Normans appeared in England, seizing most of the land.

In the sixteenth century, Wales was forcibly joined to England, and in the same century a series of religious reformations took place. At the beginning of the seventeenth century, Ireland, England and Scotland united, but at the same time each state maintained political isolation.

The Kingdom of Great Britain was officially recognized in 1707, and in the next century the state began to develop rapidly, contributing to the development of world politics, art, and culture.Together with other allies, Great Britain opposed German forces, but after World War II, it lost power over some lands.

Today, Britain continues to be a kingdom, and it is ruled by the legendary Elizabeth II, who has done an incredible amount for her people, becoming a true symbol of the era and country.

What you need to know about the climate

The weather can throw a lot of problems, but if you foresee all its whims, you can relax. The British climate is temperate oceanic and strongly dependent on the Atlantic Ocean. No wonder the country is called Foggy Albion: there are really a lot of fogs here, which is caused by high humidity.

It rains almost all year round in the UK, so be sure to take an umbrella or raincoat with you. Often wind and cold come from the Atlantic Ocean, but most of the precipitation falls on western territories. In eastern areas warmer and drier.

In winter, the average temperature is 0-5 degrees, below -12 it almost does not fall. In summer it is warm, but not hot. It may snow in winter, but it lingers on the ground for a while.Spring and autumn are rainy.

What is it worth to see?

What to see if you plan to rest in the UK? Consider the main attractions:

  1. Big Ben. Such a nickname has received a huge 14-ton bell of the main clock tower of the capital of Westminster Palace. Although now this name refers to the whole building.
  2. Windsor Castle is one of the largest and oldest in the world, has a history of 900 years. But it is remarkable that it is used to this day.
  3. Westminster Abbey. This is the most famous British temple, a real shrine of the state, in which the coronations and wedding ceremonies of monarchs take place. The scale of the building and its unique antique and elegant decoration are amazing.
  4. The capital will be impressed by the world-famous Tower Bridge, which, by the way, is included in the ratings of the most romantic places on the planet. It crosses the Thames and is located right in the heart of London. Special chic creation give magnificent Gothic towers.
  5. Stonehenge can rightfully be considered a landmark mysterious, unique and mysterious. Come here and try to solve the riddle over which scientists are beating: where did this huge stones come from?
  6. Tower Being in London and not visiting this place is a crime.The fortress has become the historical center of the city, and you can find it on the north bank of the Thames. Today there are guided tours.
  7. Buckingham Palace is the most important in the country, after all for more than forty years the Queen has been making the most important decisions for the whole country (and sometimes the world).
  8. London Eye. At this sights you can take a ride and see London from above, after all it is a huge Ferris wheel from which incredible views are opened.
  9. Loch Ness is a bland Scottish lake, which is known to many thanks to the legends of a strange monster.
  10. Trafalgar Square is located in the very central part of London and is one of the most frequently visited tourist destinations in the country.

And this is not all interesting places worth visiting in the UK. But if you come here for a week, then try to see the most interesting things!

What is there to do?

Tourist should pay attention to several activities:

  • Gastronomic trip. Traditional British cuisine is not very refined, so gourmets will not be surprised. But you will enjoy fresh and high-quality products.From popular dishes you can list the deep-fried potatoes with fish, roast beef and other dishes from meat, potatoes, vegetables and fish. For breakfast, traditionally offered healthy and hearty oatmeal. Particular attention is paid to tea parties, which delight not only fragrant drink, but also sweets.
  • Museums. There are a lot of them in Great Britain, for every taste, for example, Madame Tussauds, Sherlock Holmes, British, Beatles, toys of Pollock, Charles Dickens, cinema, National Marine, Harry Potter, natural history, transport, childhood, hard coal, tea and coffee . By the way, some places can be visited free of charge.
  • Sport. In the UK, prestigious views are popular, for example, horse riding, golf, horse racing. You can attend a sporting event or take part in it.
  • Parks. There are many of them in the country, so lovers of hiking will surely be satisfied. It is worth noting the popular parks, which include the Yorkshire Dales, Dartmoor, Villa, Prior, New Forest and others.
  • Hikes Great Britain is not only grandiose castles and sanitized parks, but also open spaces with wastelands, rural settlements, hills and trees.And there are a lot of those, so you can just go hiking and have a picnic, enjoying the magnificent views and clean air.
  • Shopping In Britain, you can buy a lot of interesting things, starting with cute souvenirs and dishes, ending with trendy or vintage clothing and antiques.

Some interesting facts

Finally, interesting British features and facts:

  1. In the country, the traffic is left-sided, so that when crossing roads and all the more driving, be more careful.
  2. In many restaurants, tips to waiters are included in the check bill.
  3. The British are polite and restrained, so do not allow frivolity and ambiguous gestures. For example, a Briton will not tolerate close physical contact. And do not forget to thank for the help.
  4. It is not customary to show tenderness and love in public, this is considered to be a bad form.
  5. Shops in this country are closed quite early, so it is better to go shopping until evening.
  6. Smoking in public places in this state is prohibited. But if you can not do without cigarettes, you should look for a specially designated place with a corresponding sign.
  7. The British mentality is such that no resident of the country will even think about going somewhere without a queue. And this unspoken rule applies to tourists too. So stand at the end and wait.
  8. If you decide to take a photo for memory, make sure that children do not fall into the squares. Photographing someone else's child is possible only with the permission of his parent. And if dad or mom sees your actions as an offense and an invasion of privacy, then you will be dealing with the police.

Now you know much more about the UK, and to experience the special atmosphere of this country, come here and travel!

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