What's with the laptop?

I came to relatives in New Urengoy with a laptop, because need to work in parallel. And then he began to get very hot, just keep his hand hot. This is not dangerous?
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Most likely the cooling system broke, possibly a fan. It is dangerous for the computer - it can burn, and with it all the information on it.
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Look in the installed programs - is there anything superfluous in the last days? Maybe this virus is installed and uses your computer for its own purposes, so it overheats from loading.
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If you do not want to lose your data on a laptop - contact the experts as soon as possible. Maybe it only needs to be cleaned, and maybe already a laptop repair is required. For example, there is such a service in Novy Urengoy:. At least you can call and consult.
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The reasons may be very different. Therefore, it is better to apply to the specialists
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This is dangerous for the laptop. We must take it to the workshop.