When is it better to eat?

It is very important to eat not only correctly, but also regularly. This is of great importance both for the physical health of a person and for clear thinking. When is it better to eat? We are accustomed to eating three times a day, but rather, this is determined by social rules, rather than human needs. The most important thing is to eat regularly, as irregular food intake leads to a malfunction of the digestive organs.

Opinion nutritionists

Currently, according to nutritionists, the most healthy food is two meals. So what time is better to eat? And it turned out that the best thing is to have breakfast around 11 am, and have lunch around 5 pm. That is, lunch, it turns out, combined with dinner.

Everyone knows the proverb: "Eat breakfast yourself, share lunch with a friend, and give dinner to the enemy." And it is very reasonable. Breakfast should be the most abundant meal of the day. However, nowadays, people often ignore breakfast, which is very bad. Breakfast is the basis of the day, because all the calories gained during breakfast are consumed during the day.While the lack of breakfast leads to overeating in meals that pass later.

At what time it is better to eat - you ask. It is best to have breakfast 2-3 hours after waking up. By this time, the body is fully awake. However, breakfast should consist of light meals, such as: fresh fruit, cereal, potatoes. All this is well absorbed by the digestive organs.

Lunch, too, is an abundant meal in the middle of the day.

But dinner should be easy. In the evening, do not eat too late. Here, it is generally better to act according to the principle - the earlier, the better. Do not overeat and eat fatty foods.

About dinner

Full dinner is needed only for pregnant women, workers engaged in heavy physical labor, children and adolescents. The rest, it is better to eat for dinner that is quickly and easily digested, so as not to overload your body at night. And one more important rule - no need to “eat up” during the day. Best of all, if you have breakfast, lunch and dinner every day at the same time. But all efforts will be in vain if you constantly eat in the intervals between mandatory meals.

Also, you need to remember about one more, the interval between meals should be 5-6 hours. Otherwise, the stomach simply does not have time to process the food from the previous intake, and, accordingly, does not have time to rest. So, it is better to refrain from even a small piece of food in an inappropriate time.

If it's time to eat, and you do not want to eat, do not force yourself. The body itself lets us know when it needs food. Therefore, in the absence of hunger, it is better not to eat.

Tobacco, coffee, alcohol, weakness and strong emotions - all this, dulls the desire to eat. Heat, pain, inflammation, disease, also cause loss of appetite, and it is best to refrain from eating at such moments.

It is necessary to regulate not only what we eat, but also when we eat.