When to sow tomatoes?

Despite the fact that each bag of seedlings usually indicates the optimal time for planting, disputes about the most favorable time for planting between amateur gardeners do not subside throughout the year. Almost everyone has their own individual opinion on this. In the article we will tell you when to sow tomatoes so that they grow healthy and bring the maximum yield.

According to the lunar calendar

Some in the calculations of the most optimal time for planting various cultivated plants use the lunar calendar. It indicates the most favorable days for planting a plant, based on a particular phase of the moon. This calendar is calculated every year again. So, for example, in 2015, it is recommended to sow tomatoes for open ground from 5 to 6, from 10 to 11 March, or from 18 to 21 March. The most favorable time when you need to sow tomatoes for the greenhouse - from 10 to 12, from 15 to 16 February, as well as 20, 23-24, February 27-28 and March 1.

According to national signs

You can also confide in this question to the following popular beliefs:

  1. Tomatoes are planted on the seedlings during the flowering of the snowdrop.
  2. Tomatoes are also planted after a poplar or wild rose begins to bloom, as this is a signal that frost is not expected.
  3. The color of chestnut, mountain ash, acacia and lilac is also evidence that the frost is over and you can plant sprouts in the ground.

Based on the ripening period of the fruit

Other gardeners when planning the time of sowing of cultivated plants based on how long the period from ripening.

All the variety of existing varieties of tomatoes can be divided into 4 large groups:

  1. The early ripening varieties mature 105-110 days after sowing.
  2. Mid-season varieties - in 111-115 days.
  3. Late-ripening - in 116-120 days.
  4. Very late varieties ripen over 4 months.

Based on what sort of seeds you plan to plant, the time of sowing will also change. To the specified period, set aside for ripening of fruits, it is necessary to add the time required for seed germination. On average, this process takes about 18-20 days.

Suppose you want to, by July 1, you had the opportunity to bring to the table personally grown tomatoes.Suppose you purchased the seeds of mid-season tomatoes. Then, using simple calculations, we get the following: From July 1, we subtract 115 days and 20 days for the shoot. Accordingly, it is necessary to start working on seedlings in mid-February.

It is also necessary to consider when the temperature of the earth reaches the optimum value for planting seedlings. As a rule, plants are not planted in the soil until it warms up to at least 11 degrees.

How does the sowing process

Briefly describe the process of how to sow tomatoes on seedlings, as follows:

  1. When it is time for sowing, you spread the seeds on wet gauze so that they come to life and begin to germinate. As a rule, it takes about 6 days.
  2. Then you place the sprouts in the ground, in prepared boxes, at a distance of about 3-5 centimeters from each other.
  3. When the seedlings grow up (after about 20 days), each seedling is seated in an individual container.
  4. After 40 days, when the seedlings are old enough and strong, and the earth warms to the desired temperature, they can be planted in a greenhouse or in open ground under the film.