Where do midges come from?

Natalya Kosenko
Natalya Kosenko
November 21, 2014
Where do midges come from?

Small insects flying around the apartment can ruffle anyone. With this phenomenon the hostess can face throughout the year. To get rid of the midges, you need to find the source of their occurrence.

Where do midges come from indoors

Depending on the “taste preferences” domestic blackflies can be divided into several types:

  1. Nutritional. They can be put up in cereals, food debris, garbage, but often on vegetables and fruits. Where do midges on fruit come from? The midges are supposed to lay eggs on fruit during their ripening. Getting into a favorable environment, the midges hatch and multiply safely. At one time, the female Drosophila midge lays up to 400 eggs, from which new individuals are born a day later. Fruit midges feed on fructose.
  2. Payments. These are small moth larvae or rag parasites.
  3. Water. Feel comfortable in places of accumulation of moisture (kitchen, sanitary unit, bath).
  4. Flower. Plant in indoor plants, often violets, sucking the nutrients out of them.

Blackflies in gardens

On the dacha and household plots there is another species of midge, which is called an earthen flea, as it arises from the ground. Such a midge is rampant mainly in the late spring - early summer in the evening at sunset. In order not to experience her bites, you should smear the exposed skin of tea tree oil or mosquito repellent.