Where in Rostov you can rent a car?

The company finally decided to lease me a working car. But finding normal conditions is my headache. Who had this experience, I will be glad to advice.
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You do not have a car service manager at the company? I hear for the first time that such things were charged to the person for whom the car is intended. You still say that the reading of the lease agreement is also your responsibility. Some kind of office you, to put it mildly, very economical ...
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Well, if the management has set this task for you, then you can choose your own car within the allocated budget. In my opinion, only solid advantages from this situation. At the same time and in leasing agreements you will become more experienced. And about the car leasing in Rostov, look here this site, perhaps something will suit you
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If a company has been practicing driving a leasing car for about five years, and then selling it at residual value to its employees, then this is a really cool option.My girlfriend was so, now goes to the Kia, bought at the price of one and a half times lower than the market.