Where to find a husband?

Be sure, if today you are 100% determined for yourself that you want to get married, you will achieve it!

But before you proceed directly to the search for a husband, you need to work on yourself.

Here is what you should do:

  1. Learn how to seduce men. Remember, seduction cannot be identified with seduction; learn to make men dream of you.
  2. Carefully consider your requests for men, what traits he should have, what he should be able to have. Register your claims. Do not make the bar unrealistically overpriced, but do not underestimate yourself. Otherwise it will turn out like this: where to find a husband, you will find out, and you will be mistaken in choosing a particular instance.
  3. Paradoxically, at first glance, no need to focus on one marriage. To do this, now find yourself a hobby, a permanent occupation, and even better, a goal in life, which you will pursue on your own! On your forehead should not sparkle the inscription: "looking for a husband."

Where to find a good and rich husband

Give yourself and us a promise that you will go to any lengths to find a husband, which means that you will try to go through all of the following possibilities, without setting aside any of them in the back office. If the promise is given, proceed ...

  1. The closest circle of communication. Yes, yes, do not be surprised among your colleagues, friends and acquaintances a real husband can wait for you for a long time! It is possible that you have never considered a friend, brother, mother’s son, your best friend from the cradle, as your partner. The method is safe (you know it as flaky) and quite simple (you will not be difficult to always spin around it). Organize a party, dinner and invite him as one of the guests. Alcohol at the party will relax and you, armed with tips from the article "How to communicate with guys, how to catch his attention," quickly drag the future husband into their networks.
  2. The Internet. This is the simplest way at present to find a husband! The main thing is to skillfully use it. On internet dating sites we work like this: ask a friend to fill out a profile for you so that he himself wants to marry such a girl; then place at least 3, but not more than 5 of your photos, necessarily professional ones; Immediately filter the perverts, sick on the head and those who need only sex for one night. Social networks are a great opportunity for flirting: rating of a man's photo, comments, personal correspondence and gifts.We do not recommend using ICQ and Skype at first to give yourself a chance to better formulate your next message. It is also useful not only to know where to find a husband, but also how to fall in love with yourself using the same Internet. Take the initiative in communication, but at the same time show that you have other interests in life, besides the Internet, pay his attention to your goals. As soon as you feel sympathy on his part, immediately slow down, let him be a hunter for you. Admire a man, let yourself be weak next to him, appreciate his help. Let him feel like a real man next to you!
  3. Study, work, gyms - where else to find a rich and good husband, if not here! He develops, takes care of himself and works - what we need. Although if the office romance is successful, some of you will have to change jobs (listen to this advice !!!), be prepared for this.
  4. Wedding. How many couples are connected exactly at weddings! Communicate more and expand your circle of friends so that they could not not invite you to the wedding.
  5. Nightclubs and bars ... Doubtful way, but it can not be discarded, most importantly, to find the right place. Take a closer look at the contingent that goes to certain clubs. Find yourself suitable.
  6. Traffic jams, auto shop, staircase, whatever! Wherever you are, never forget that your fate may be near. Instead of nervously biting your lips in traffic, turn around to the next row and flirt with the handsome man opposite. Instead of spitting at the ceiling in the store line, smile at the man standing next to him. Every minute, remember your goal to get married and find a husband anywhere!