Whether to go on a date

Whether to go on a dateDo I go on a date? Working on my program, you do not hunt for a life companion. You learn to be yourself and not submit to other people's desires. In this case, I see no reason not to go on dates with people of other religious beliefs. But if your views diverge from the principles outlined in this book, then meeting a person of a different faith is dangerous. And I highly recommend you not to risk it.


Five cases in which one should not go on a date with someone of another faith. Should I go on a date with a man of durga faith?


If you look at all the people you meet as your potential half. Reread my thoughts on marriage, in which the spouses have serious differences in spiritual beliefs. Consider: if you go on dates only in order to find a life partner, then the community of faith should be one of the essential conditions.


If you tend to fall in love. In this case, people may be more important to you than beliefs, and then you risk to be at a crossroads. From my point of view, the tendency to fall in love speaks of profound psychological problems.You are a Christian? If so, then Christ wants you to fully belong to Him - in your heart, in your mind, in your soul, and in your body. If at least a part of your heart is not surrendered to Christ, this is the real problem. Are you drawn to a person who is indifferent to your spiritual values? To someone who does not want to share your spiritual life? Is your most important and strong desire - not for God? Think of the temptations and temptations that earth life is full of. Talk to a priest, a Christian psychologist, or spiritually mature people to help you understand what is happening to you.


If you are single. Single people are especially greedy for anyone who can brighten up their loneliness. You are alone? Then do not go on dates with serious intentions. In order to get rid of loneliness, you risk being pulled into a relationship unknown to whom. Your first task is to find a strong position in your community and seek help in order to understand the causes of loneliness.


If you are spiritually lonely. Any Christian is called to enter into a spiritual brotherhood, to be in communion, in which fellow believers reinforce each other's faith. If you are divorced from other believers, then you need to rely only on your own strength. Do not go your own way alone - be with your brothers and sisters in the faith.If you do not belong to any church community, then first find fellow believers, and then think about dating. In any case, you will need the participation and shoulder of true friends (re-read chapter 11).


If you easily succumb to sexual impulses. Let's be honest. Suppose you know that it is difficult for you to resist temptation. And here you go on a date with an unbeliever, for whom sexual relations outside of marriage are permissible. For you it is risky. Therefore, do not even dream of such meetings. It is better to think about how you strengthen your principles and who to ask for help.