Which car to buy for 300,000?

The issue of buying a car today is more relevant than ever. Indeed, in our time, there is a car in almost every family, and sometimes in every family member. However, buying a car requires a lot of money, and therefore, a very careful approach to its choice. As a rule, the average budget of an ordinary buyer rarely exceeds the amount of 300-400 thousand rubles. At the same time, everyone, of course, wants to buy not just “four wheels”, but a comfortable and pretty machine that would please the eye of its owner. Therefore, often with a sum of 300,000 rubles, we are not going to the domestic manufacturer’s auto show to purchase an inexpensive, but newer car in the most minimal configuration, but go in search of a used car, albeit not a new brand, but having a proven brand.

New car

Buy a good new car up to 300,000 rubles contrary to popular belief is actually quite possible. It is enough to turn your attention to domestic manufacturers, for example, Lada Priora from AvtoVAZ or to manufacturers of countries of the former USSR, for example, Forza or Chance from ZAZ.The models presented by them to date are rarely inferior to their foreign counterparts. However, their obvious disadvantage is the cramped interior. In addition, in the new car in this price category, most likely, there will be a minimum set of additional options. It is worth noting that in recent years, the views of the developers of "our" cars on the design, both external and internal, have noticeably changed, and now the acquisition of a nice new car for 300,000 has become quite possible.

Used car

Despite the rather wide selection provided by the domestic auto industry, many still prefer to buy a used car for 300,000 rubles. And in some ways they are right in their own way. It would seem that it can be better than a long-established foreign brand. And for obvious reasons, preference in choosing, of course, should be given to cars that do not have a run across the territory of the Russian Federation.

In this case, Japanese manufacturers, for example, Platz or Vitz from Toyota, are quite popular. Most of them have a stylish design and good technical characteristics.At the same time, their cost may vary within reasonable limits. In addition, Western automakers are also distinguished by reliability and build quality. It is possible to meet the limits of 300,000 rubles when buying a used Volkswagen, BMW and even Mersedes, depending on the “age” of the car being purchased. An indisputable advantage in buying a used car is the presence of already installed additional options, such as climate control.

Cons of used cars

Despite these advantages, used cars, of course, have obvious disadvantages. First of all, the older the purchased car is, the higher the risk of buying a broken car or, even worse, a “drowned” car. Unfortunately, many dishonest sellers, having carried out a small redecoration, give out such cars for reliable and safe goods. After all, he, like any other seller, as a rule, wants to sell his goods. Therefore, buying a used car is always associated with a certain risk for the buyer. In this case, it is important to show special vigilance, and before making a transaction, it is imperative to undergo a diagnosis at an independent service station.

When deciding which car to buy for 300,000 rubles, it is necessary, first of all, to decide on your preferences.