Which HTC is better?

Our today's article will be devoted to choosing the best HTC - a rather popular brand of cell phones. First, we will look at budget options, since most modern people are not ready to buy an expensive model, even if they have money, and then move on to more expensive options and choose the best HTC phone. We will take everything into account: both the age of the model, and such characteristics as memory, display, battery, processor, and others. Well, let's proceed to the review.

Which HTC is better from budget models

In this category, people generally face a dilemma: which one to choose from two popular models: Desire C or Wildfire S. In my opinion, it is better to choose the first option, namely Desire C. Why? There are several reasons for this. Firstly, it is newer, and although there are no enhanced batteries for it yet, but the fourth Android and the new touch screen are on board, which means less memory consumption, a more pleasant interface, and better processor performance, which is practice will provide you with less of all kinds of glitches and freezes. Secondly, pay attention to the display.The Desire C screen is somewhat larger than that of Wildlife S, which guarantees you more comfortable work with applications and games and, of course, much more pleasant surfing on the Internet. Thirdly, the Desire C has more internal memory, which is also important and will allow you to work with demanding applications. In short, Desire C is preferable from almost all sides than Wildlife S, although the latter is also very, very good. However, in this price category, it is worth paying attention to one more model, which, at a cost a little more than the models described above, has more modern characteristics.

Which HTC is the best: the merits of One V

This phone is somewhat more expensive than the two previous models, but the difference by modern standards is not very significant (within 1000 rubles). In this case, the acquisition of HTC One V will give you the following benefits:

  1. Large screen diagonal, which is already 9cm. I must say that this is, in general, the optimal size, since less is not too comfortable, and more is already a bit too much for such a technique.
  2. A better and more productive processor is still single-core, but already with a frequency of as much as 1,000 MHz.
  3. Better battery. It is simply more powerful than the previous two models, which means it will keep charging a little longer.
  4. The display itself has also become more qualitative - the Super LCD2 technology does its job!

Well, here's another task for you: either choose a good Desire C, or pay a thousand, but in all respects get it better than the HTC One V. Let’s increase the budget.

HTC One S and HTC One X

The first option is, one can say, already a classic in life, the most popular model of the most expensive, and not only among HTC phones. True, he is somewhat more modest, but not by much. Let's start with it. More precisely - with the battery HTC One S. Choose this smartphone, if you want to use it for a long time and without recharging - of course, offline. In general, HTC One S is one of the best models on the smartphone market. If you compare it with other HTC phones, then ONE S will be the best in terms of battery life. And its screen is made according to this technology, which gives a significantly brighter picture under the influence of the sun than any other model of all considered for purchase. The processor, by the way, is already dual-core, which means that the phone will hang very rarely, if at all, when used. Also pay attention to the Full HD mode when taking photos and video. Rarely, what kind of phone can boast that viewing a video shot by it on a plasma screen with a diagonal of about one and a half meters will be as clear as if we were filming with other video cameras.Well, now let's move on to the latest model in our review, the HTC One X.

Which HTC phone is better: winners

Fans of modern technology will always answer you this question: of course, HTC One X! What is it better than other models? Let's start with the processor, which is a quad-core here - agree, not bad even for a modern PC! The amount of memory is also impressive - as much as 32 gigabytes. You need to try installing applications to download it all. With such a processor and memory, the absence of inhibitions is almost guaranteed. Of course, Full HD, as in any model that claims to be modern, that is, keeping up with the times. Well, I advise you to pay attention to the material from which the HTC One X is made. And it is made of a very attractive not only in appearance, but also to the touch of heavy-duty plastic. And not only is it durable and beautiful, but also practically not scratched. Here is a model! Therefore, to the question, what a good HTC phone, we will answer: they are all good. But if you choose the best for most indicators (without taking into account the price, of course), then the winner is the smartphone HTC One X. As for the budget models, take a look at HTC Desire C and HTC One V - they are worth it.After all, it is far from always a person, especially a business one, needs all the functions that a technician can provide, sometimes it’s quite simply necessary. Therefore, in many cases, savings will be justified. Now you can choose the best HTC.