Which operator owns the number?

Today, there are quite a lot of mobile operators on the Russian telecommunications market. Nevertheless, it is not difficult to determine which operator the number belongs to. Knowing this information, you can always find the desired subscriber, send him an SMS message and call you at a favorable rate.

At the moment there are several ways to determine which operator owns a mobile phone number.

Online applications

There are quite a few applications on the network that allow you to define a mobile operator in real time. As an example, consider. This service is good because, in addition to the definition of the operator, you can define its regional representative and even send an SMS message to the number of the desired operator.

If you go to the portal, you can also determine the country, region and mobile operator, having a phone number.

Also, some mobile operators on their websites post information about the number belonging to a mobile operator.For example, TELE 2. By entering the phone number on the site, you can find out the operator and the region in which the owner of the mobile phone number is located.

Special applications

If you want to always have on hand a program for determining the cellular operator, then you can download the application. To work, you must install the application on a personal computer.

In order to determine the number using a mobile phone, you can install the Phone Wizard program by downloading it from the website soft.sibnet.ru.

This program contains large databases of mobile numbers and allows you to identify the operator in seconds.

You need to download applications from trusted sources so that you do not get several viruses together with the database.

Def code

DEF-code - a special code that is assigned to a particular cellular operator. The most popular mobile operators are MTS, Beeline and Megafon, so we’ll look at them in more detail.

  • MTS assigns numbers to its subscribers with codes 910 - 919 and 980 - 989;
  • Beeline operator is determined by the numbers 96, which begins the phone number;
  • Megaphone numbers start at 92 and 93.

If you need to know which operator DEF codes 967 and 905 belong to, read the article Which operator 967 and Which operator 905.

It should be noted that, using only the DEF-code, it is quite difficult to determine the mobile phone operator. This is due to the fact that in 2012 the president signed the law “On Amendments to the Federal Law“ On Communications ”and Articles 33333 and 33334 of the second part of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation”, based on which every citizen can change the cellular operator, while leaving previous phone number.

Therefore, if you are interested in a specific number, then you need to contact a specific cellular operator for confirmation.

Databases of mobile operators

You can also use the databases of operators. You can download them on the site. Then start searching for the desired subscriber. Using the database, you can also determine which region the phone number belongs to, since some of them have a special column in which the region is indicated.

It should be noted that such databases are intended for familiarization, and any use of them for commercial purposes (cold calls, spam mailings) can be regarded as a violation of the legislation of the Russian Federation.

Thus, the question of which operator the phone number belongs to is quite easily solved. Ways to determine the mobile operator enough.All that is needed is to choose the option that suits you.