Why big nipples?

Marina Nazarenko
Marina Nazarenko
April 2, 2013

Not many women know what type of nipple their own are. And, meanwhile, a very important mission of every woman depends on the type of nipples - to feed the baby. For example, when the nipples are flat, it is very difficult to teach a child to suck properly, feeding may be accompanied by painful sensations from a woman, and the baby will be uncomfortable to eat. Let's understand what types of nipples are, why some women / girls have a big halo of nipples. Is this normal and why does someone have “small” nipples and “big” ones?

Why are big nipples physiology or pathology?

The answer to this question to the ugliness is simple - because nature has disposed. Often the shape of the nipples is determined by heredity, if the mother is flat, most likely the daughter will be the same. Nothing depends on the size and shape of the breast. You can understand what kind of juices you have by comparing photos of big nipples with yours.

Types of nipples

  • Normal nipples tend to protrude slightly above the halo.Increase under the influence of temperature when excited and act even more.
  • Flat nipples. Flat, do not protrude, when excited slightly protrude. Often these flat nipples are transformed into normal with prolonged breastfeeding.
  • Plump nipples. Such nipples as well as flat, do not protrude, however, the halo itself peeps over the skin.
  • Retractable nipples. These nipples look like dimples among the halos of the breast and indicate the improper development of the mammary glands during puberty. The situation may also change in the direction of normal nipples, if you manage to establish breastfeeding. This all becomes possible thanks to special devices for feeding or cosmetic surgery.
  • Unilateral nipples. It happens that one of the nipples is convex, and the second is not

Big nipples or small nipples - all types of nipples are considered the norm, an individual feature of each woman. All divisions are created to denote external, aesthetic parameters.