In the modern world, no family can do without a computer. Computer technology is so tightly merged with our daily lives that we, at times, believe that everyone should own a computer at the level of a confident user. Without a doubt, a computer is another human friend, besides a dog. But what to do in the situation when the computer starts to work badly? What are the causes of problems? Today, with this and we shall understand. So:

Why does the computer hang?

The reasons why a computer may not work correctly or simply hang may be a whole lot. We turn to the most popular of them.

One of the most common causes of a computer freeze is a virus attack. It is no secret that in the modern virtual world there are two forces. Evil - various viruses, trojans, phishing programs and so on. And good - anti-virus systems that successfully resist the forces of evil. The situation is such that viruses are always one step ahead of anti-virus protection systems. In this race, however, there is no winner.Antiviruses always successfully cope with all new and new threats. Working on the Internet without the use of antivirus, you can harm the computer. Viruses quietly fall into his system and destroy it from the inside. The computer slows down and freezes because viruses delete, replace or block important system files that are needed for the stable operation of your computer.

Another common cause of computer crashes is overheating of the computer’s CPU. This may be due to heavy system load. In modern computers that are used for games, special cooling systems are used. In conventional computers, the cooler is responsible for cooling the entire system. If your cooler somehow stops working properly, this will primarily affect the performance of the entire computer. The processor, which has undergone overheating, starts to work slowly and inefficiently. To understand that the cooler is working poorly, you need to listen to the computer. An old cooler may not work efficiently due to accumulated dust, loose bearing or due to the failure of its engine.Typically, characteristic noise is heard that indicates a problem with the cooling system.

The computer may hang and work slowly due to poor memory performance. One of the first reasons for this is poor memory synchronization. In this case, the computer will be slow. If your computer has different memory modules that operate at different speeds, this will lead to a hang. Another reason is that the memory module itself has defects that lead to the cessation of its activity and eventually the computer freezes. And defects can be both program, and physical. Defects lead to the fact that the system can not fully utilize the resources of RAM, and she, in turn, is of paramount importance for fast computer operation. And the last reason is the overheating of the memory module. As a result of defects, the memory is inefficient and consumes a large amount of energy. Accordingly, such a voltage can raise the temperature of the module to critical levels, which can damage not only the module itself, but also the RAM slot on the motherboard.

Unstable hard drive may also be one of the reasons for the computer freezes. Due to the slow access to the hard disk memory, the system is not able to work fast. As well as with access to RAM. The system takes more time to find non-damaged physical parts of the hard disk. If you hear clicks, crackles or a high-frequency squeak during hard disk operation, then you hear the forerunners of the death of the hard disk system. If important files are stored on the computer, they must be urgently transferred to another storage medium, otherwise you may lose them forever.