Why does not come in VK?

"Vkontakte" - one of the most popular sites, which contains millions of pages of users of any age and occupation, with various hobbies. However, it happens that when a user logs into the VC, it is impossible to enter the site.

Why does this problem arise and how to solve it? Let's talk about this in more detail.

Keyboard layout

Despite the desperate attempts to enter, the site "does not allow" you on your own page. You try again and again to enter the coveted numbers and letters, but nothing happens. Meanwhile, you are absolutely sure that the password is correct. What to do?


Fortunately, the issue is solved in two minutes. Just make sure that you have English, and not Russian or Ukrainian keyboard layout. Change it if necessary and at the same time check whether Caps Lock is on. Enter the password again. Happened? So everything is in order.

User password error

It so happens that a person who invented a password that is too complicated simply cannot remember it. Naturally, you cannot log in to your page, and the computer reports a possible error in the user's password.The same situation is possible if someone hacked your page and uses it on your behalf.


In this case, you will have to use the password recovery service. Click “Forgot your password” and enter your mobile phone number in the specified field. You may also have to provide your last name. The system will send a message to your phone number with a code that you must enter. After that you can come up with a new password consisting of Latin letters and numbers. Once you receive another SMS with your password, you can safely enter the system. At this time, try to be careful and accurately remember the password to your profile on the social network.

"Frozen" page

Logging on to the site, you are surprised to find that your site has been blocked by site administrators. This is usually due to the fact that someone accused you of spam, complaining to the "admins". If you yourself did not send persistent invitations to groups and did not offer any product, there is an option that your page was hacked.


Fortunately, you can restore your profile. To do this, follow the instructions offered by the site.This may be a requirement to answer questions, send a message to a mobile phone, etc. Once the procedure is completed, you will have access to your profile. Be sure to change the password to avoid recurrence of a similar problem!

Malware Attack

There may be a situation in which you cannot get to the site at all. At the slightest attempt on the monitor screen there are messages that are not related to working with Vkontakte. These can be offers to send SMS to access the site, update the operating system, etc. In this case, there is a reason to talk about viruses that have overpowered your computer.


Run an antivirus program to diagnose your PC for viruses. Perhaps it is some kind of “Trojan” that hurts the full-fledged work and does not allow using the social network. In case of detection of malicious objects, use the options offered by the antivirus program: “cure”, “delete”, “move to storage”, etc. If, after “cleaning” the computer, the site is available again, we can assume that the mission has been completed.

Utilities - pests

Quite often, the problem is connected with the installation of additional plug-ins that impede access to the site. Many programs can disrupt the normal operation of the browser. Settings such as VkSaver block access to the site, and this was done specifically to prohibit downloading music and videos from Vkontakte.


If you still want to use the site, you will have to remove the programs that allow you to download from this social network. You will also need to erase some files that are in the Application Data. After that, restart the computer and try again to enter the social network.

Need to clear the cache

It also happens that there is no reason to be unable to enter the site, but access is still absent. Probably, you just need to clean the cache - this is a memory area designed for temporary storage of data.


If you use “Chrome”, select the “Delete specified items” tab, then “For the entire period” and “Clear cache”. Uncheck the box and select "Clear History."

If you are using a Mozilla browser, go to “Tools”, then select “Erase history” - “Cache” and check the box “Clear Now”. Restart your computer and try to log in to the social network again.