Why dry?

If you tell someone that your mouth is dry, then your interlocutor will in most cases laugh and ask if you did not drink alcohol the day before. Meanwhile, there are many reasons why this unpleasant sensation may occur in the mouth.

Let's try to figure out together why dry mouth?


The most obvious cause of dry mouth is banal dehydration. The amount of water required for a normal metabolism for each person is determined strictly individually, but recently it has been accepted that an adult should drink at least 2 liters of water per day. Otherwise, the body is dehydrated: you experience thirst, dry mouth, headache, decreased appetite, dry skin, etc.


In addition to alcohol abuse, dry mouth can also occur due to poisoning of the body with various chemical (drugs, drugs, toxic chemicals, etc.) and organic (mushrooms, spoiled food and drinks, etc.) substances.

Separately, it is worth mentioning such an addiction as smoking. In smokers, the amount of saliva secreted in the oral cavity is an order of magnitude less than that of a non-smoker. Therefore, a feeling of dry mouth can not leave him throughout the day.

Over-salted foods

A person needs to eat a small amount of salt daily, as it is actively involved in the metabolism, in particular contributes to the development of gastric juice. As a rule, a person receives the amount of salt necessary for the normal functioning of his body. If you purposefully consume foods with a high concentration of salt, you will experience water retention in vital organs, since salt has a binding effect. It is possible to remove the accumulated liquid only by drinking even more water.

Nasal congestion

A common cause of dry mouth in the morning is nasal congestion. The person in a dream, as a rule, breathes a nose. However, if there is any obstruction in the nose (due to a runny nose, sinusitis, sinusitis, polyps, allergic reactions, etc.) or if you have a curved nasal septum, you will have to breathe through your mouth.Because of this, the oral cavity dries quickly and unpleasant sensations arise in it.

Adverse development of the disease

Dry mouth can be caused by a variety of diseases. This may be an infectious disease, a disease of the brain or nervous system, various diseases, injuries and infections of the oral cavity, a disease of any internal organ, etc. By the mere appearance of dry mouth it is impossible to diagnose the presence of any particular disease. It is necessary to closely monitor the changes occurring in the patient's condition. Only after receiving the most complete picture of the disease and establishing the cause of the disease, you can begin treatment.