Who is Aquarius compatible with?

Elena Sobol
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Who is Aquarius compatible with?

Strange, not from this world Aquarius, an incredible mixture of the devil and an angel in one person. Often it remains to be misunderstood by other signs. People of this sign are not worried about the impression they make on those around them, but �teasing the geese� gives them pleasure. The feeling of freedom in men and women of this zodiac sign, the feeling and the desire to be independent from other people, the generally accepted conventions and rules often scare others away from them. Kind and generous, curious, bold. These are great innovators and experimenters, mystics, dreamers, visionaries and true friends. Not everybody can get along with such an eccentric and unpredictable sign. Now we will try to answer the question of who is compatible with Aquarius., With whom he can create friendship, and with whom - love.

What are the signs compatible Aquarius

Aquarians are looking for relationships that have the ability to be new all the time. For Aquarius, the constant freshness of the senses is important. Maybe it is because of the routine of marriage among Aquarius, the largest percentage of divorces.Not every partner is ready to accept that for Aquarius a company can often be more expensive than one person. Aquarius is compatible with the following signs:

  • Twins. Aquarius is energetically stronger than Gemini, so he will be the head of the pair. The twins fall under the charm and influence of Aquarius, and if they also have a common cause, the marriage will be strong.
  • A lion. Strange relationships, because the lion is more interesting sexual relationships, and for Aquarius at the forefront is spiritual kinship. Two strong independent signs. Absolutely equal marriage.
  • Libra. Inventive in sexual games, scales attract Aquarius with their inexhaustible fantasy. The overall craving for art, luxury, creativity. Very fruitful marriage.
  • Sagittarius. Two unpredictable signs, cheerful, active, perfectly complementing each other in sexual requests. Such a pair will be the highlight of the program of any society, as it attracts to itself with its positive aura. Since both signs do not suffer from jealousy and give each other freedom, they can live together for a long time.
  • Fish. This is a sexual war with interruptions to melodramatic acts. Depending on the inclinations of partners, it can either last a very long time, or cease, with the fish leaving with a broken heart, and Aquarius - with relief.And yet, they are drawn to each other.

But is Aquarius compatible with Aquarius? There is a controversial opinion on this question. However, most agree that the Aquarius understand each other perfectly and are perfectly compatible. They are ideally suited to each other, both spiritually and sexually. They have many common interests, and they are connected by an invisible spiritual thread that helps them to feel each other from a distance. Aquarius - these are friends, fellow lovers.